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Drain Cleaning & Drain Unblocking

Drain Cleaning & Drain Unblocking

Domestic drain unblocking & Commercial drain unblocking


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Here at Drain Away we offer a 24 hour professional and efficient drain cleaning service, our technicians are fully trained, qualified and efficient with their expertise in the drain cleaning industry. 

We know how much of a hindrance blocked drains can cause in a household or in a business.  We use our top of the range machinery to make sure that the problem is cleared within hours of your call. We will assess the problem initially and let you know how you can make sure the problem does not reoccur in the near future. 

High pressure drain jetting is the fastest, most economical and environmentally friendly approach to keeping your drains clear of blockages and problem free. High pressure water is forced through the drain, cleaning the interior of the drain.

The duration of the drain jet cleaning depends on the length of drain, diameter, configuration and amount of deposit build up within the drain.



Cleaning and servicing a grease trap is an unpleasant task for kitchen staff to perform. The odour from a grease trap is overpowering and off-putting to staff and customers. Staff may also not clean it completely and thoroughly which will impair the grease trap’s performance, leading to blocked drains.

Our grease trap cleaning services are used by a wide variety of catering and food processing businesses. Grease from kitchens and food processing plants can build-up very quickly and become very difficult to dispose of.

Drain Away offer maintenance contracts to businesses so that grease traps and drains remain clean and blockage free.



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